Managed Cloud SSD Shared Hosting

Stable and reliable network of Datahouse geographically select to provide fast connectivity and unmatched availability.

Benefits of using HostArmada Shared Hosting

Service Launch Pads available in our Data Centers!

Our services can be deployed in any of the Data Centers nearest to you!

You will be able to choose a location upon ordering a new Web Hosting package with Hostconstructionlight!

Find a new home for your website in the correct Data Center!

Are you looking to easily build a website without getting involved with an open-source platform? On our Cloud SSD Shared Web Hosting packages, you will find the tool you need – an intuitive drag-and-drop website builder!

The website builder is a third-party plugin for cPanel using a remote server to build the site and when you deploy it the files for your website will be moved on your cPanel account hosting account directly!

So in case, you would like to transfer your website elsewhere, you will be able to do so easily, and without any additional fees – your website will run on every web hosting platform!

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