Accreditation Exam in Russia to Obtain License - Embassy's Notice to Indian Students

General information for prospective Indian medical students who wish to study MBBS in Russia:

(i) Duration of the undergraduate General Medicine programme in Russia is six years. It
comprises a total of twelve semesters, with two each in a year.

(ii) Students in Russian medical universities undergo clinical rotation / clerkship for twelve
months or more during the programme.

(iii) A number of Russian medical universities impart education in English language.
However, Indian students need to be proficient in Russian language to undergo practical
training which includes interaction with patients who communicate in vernacular language.

(iv) The diploma awarded by Russian medical universities bears registration number of the
competent Russian authority. Students need to clear accreditation examination conducted in
Russian language after the final examination in order to be eligible to obtain certificate of
license for medical practice in Russia.

(v) Students seeking admission to any particular university need to find out directly from the
university as to whether the university follows the required criteria such as medium of
instruction, syllabus, clinical training or internship / clerkship, etc. give a draft – highlight licensing exam in russian language.

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