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About ulyanovsk State University, Russia

Founding and Evolution: 

Ulyanovsk State University, originally established as a branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1988, quickly ascended to independence by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 1995. With subsequent governmental decrees and orders, the university solidified its status as a flagship institution, earning recognition as a center for innovative, technological, and social development of the region.

Leadership and Structure: 

Under the capable leadership of Rector Boris M. Kostishko and President Yury V. Polyanskov, Ulyanovsk State University evolved into a comprehensive educational complex. With 4 educational institutes, 8 independent faculties, and international collaborations, including Russian-American and Russian-German faculties, the university stands as one of the largest in the Volga region.

Academic Offerings and Diversity: 

Ulyanovsk State University offers a plethora of educational programs, ranging from specialist degree programs to secondary professional education. The university’s diverse portfolio includes full-time, part-time, and distance learning options, granting students the flexibility to pursue bachelor’s, specialist, or master’s degrees, along with diplomas for mid-level specialists.

Global Recognition and Collaboration: 

Following in the footsteps of its foundational connection with Moscow State University, Ulyanovsk State University actively engages with the international educational community. The establishment of international educational structures and membership in the Eurasian Association of Universities underscores its commitment to global collaboration.

Scientific Prowess and Research Centers: 

Ulyanovsk State University’s commitment to research manifests through various centers, including the Research Institute of Technology named after Kapitsa and the Competence Center for Digital Production of High-tech Products in Mechanical Engineering. These centers spearhead fundamental and applied research, aligning with the state’s educational and scientific objectives.

Quality Management and Certification: 

Setting a benchmark in Russia, Ulyanovsk State University has implemented a quality management system (QMS) based on international and inter-state standards. Regular inspections and recertification audits by the Certification Association “Russian Register” have affirmed the university’s compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards, attesting to its commitment to excellence.

Location - About Ulyanovsk City

Historical Significance: 

Ulyanovsk, formerly known as Simbirsk, is a city that gracefully sprawls along the Volga River in Russia. This city holds a special place in history as the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin. Over the years, it has transformed into the administrative center of the Ulyanovsk region and a hub of cultural richness.

Industrial Landscape: 

Ulyanovsk is not only a cradle of historical importance but also a significant industrial city. It proudly hosts UAZ, a major automobile manufacturing plant, and Aviastar, an aircraft manufacturing facility renowned for producing the heavy aircraft An-124 “Ruslan.”

Cultural Abundance: 

The city’s landscape is adorned with buildings, houses, and landmarks that serve as silent witnesses to historical events. Ulyanovsk boasts a vibrant cultural scene with numerous museums, theaters, a state Philharmonic Society, an Academic Symphony Orchestra, and modern movie theaters. The city’s publications, including newspapers and magazines, contribute to its cultural tapestry.

Climate Overview: 

Ulyanovsk experiences a temperate climate, with warmth prevailing from mid-May to early September. The average summer temperature hovers around +22° C, with July typically being the warmest month, reaching highs of 30° C. However, heat waves can occur as early as the last decade of May.

Winter arrives in late November to early December and persists until late March to early April. The average winter temperature is around -10° C, with occasional drops to as low as -30° C. Winters are characterized by snowfall and windiness. Late autumn and winter months offer limited daylight, with December 23 marking the shortest day of the year.

As spring emerges in March-April, the snow begins to melt, and the thaw extends for about a month, welcoming a new cycle in the city’s yearly rhythm.

Ranking & Accreditaions - Ulyanovsk State University, Russia


World Health Organization approved MBBS in Russia_Northern State Medical University_RICH GLOBAL EDU
NMC approved MBBS in Russia_Northern State Medical University_RICH GLOBAL EDU

Global Recognition: 

Ulyanovsk State University stands tall among the world’s educational institutions, earning notable positions in international rankings. According to the prestigious QS Ranking, the university holds a commendable EECA ranking of 231-240 and a BRICS ranking of 291-300, affirming its stature on the global academic stage.

Diverse Rankings: 

Various platforms acknowledge the university’s academic prowess. places Ulyanovsk State University at the 2,511th position globally, while elevates its standing to an impressive 781.

Impactful Infrastructure: 

The university’s commitment to excellence extends beyond academics, as evidenced by its exceptional infrastructure. Times Higher Education has recognized Ulyanovsk State University in the Impact Ranking: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure 2020, positioning it in the esteemed range of 301-400 globally.

Quality Education and Distinction: 

Ulyanovsk State University’s high rankings serve as a testament to the institution’s dedication to delivering top-notch education. The global acknowledgment reflects the university’s commitment to providing a transformative learning experience and fostering innovation and impact.

Quick Facts - Ulyanovsk State University, Russia

Ulyanovsk State University – Detailed Information Table 

Year of Establishment1988
University TypePublic
RecognitionNMC (National Medical Commission) and WHO (World Health Organization) approved
EligibilityMinimum 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Aggregate
Course Duration6 Years
Entrance Exam (NEET)Qualifying Marks Required
Language of InstructionEnglish
LocationUlyanovsk, Russia
AccreditationMinistry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
FounderMinistry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
RectorProf. Boris M. Kostishko (Department of Physical Methods in Applied Research)
PresidentProf. Yury V. Polyanskov (Doctor of Technical Sciences)
Specialties Offered15 specialties for specialist degree programs, 21 for master’s degree, 50 for bachelor’s degree, 22 for secondary professional education, 28 for postgraduate programs, 46 for residency training
Student Population13,000+ students, including 2,000+ international students from 43 countries
Faculty900+ lecturers, including 123 doctors of sciences and 461 candidates of sciences
FacilitiesModern educational buildings, sports facilities (including Aquaclub and sports complexes), dormitories, research centers (Research Institute of Technology named after Kapitsa), and a well-equipped Training and Laboratory Building 6
Quality ManagementImplemented Quality Management System (QMS) based on international (ISO 9001:2015) and inter-state (GOST ISO 9001-2015) standards
International CollaborationMember of the Eurasian Association of Universities, collaborations with 300+ organizations globally
ClimateTemperate climate with summers averaging +22°C and winters averaging -10°C, experiencing snowfall and occasional windiness

Additional Facts:

  1. International Recognition: The university holds commendable positions in global rankings, including QS Ranking and Impact Ranking by Times Higher Education.

  2. Research and Development: Ulyanovsk State University actively engages in fundamental and applied scientific research, exemplified by various centers and collaborations, contributing to the state’s research and development initiatives.

  3. Infrastructure Expansion: The university continually modernizes its infrastructure, evident in the establishment of new educational buildings and sports complexes.

  4. Global Alumni Network: With over 60,000 graduates since 1992, Ulyanovsk State University’s alumni have made significant contributions in regional and Russian labor markets, achieving success in business and science.

Why Choose Ulyanovsk State University for MBBS?

Ulyanovsk State Medical University: Nurturing Medical Excellence at the Heart of Ulyanovsk State University’s Legacy

Foundational Legacy and Location: 

Ulyanovsk State Medical University, established in 1648, is a distinguished government medical institution situated in Ulyanovsk city, Russia. This historical city, founded in the same year, lies on the Volga River, approximately 705 kilometers east of Moscow, with a population of around 650,000 people. This institution is an integral part of the broader legacy of Ulyanovsk State University.

International Recognition and Approvals: 

The university is recognized by esteemed bodies such as WHO (World Health Organization), MCI (Medical Council of India), and various international medical boards. It holds approvals from WHO and NMC (National Medical Commission), contributing to the esteemed reputation of Ulyanovsk State University.

Global Footprint and Diversity: 

Known for its expansive international faculty, Ulyanovsk State Medical University has become one of Russia’s largest scientific, educational, and medical diagnostic centers. Currently, it hosts around 6,000 foreign students from 40 different countries, fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment within the broader Ulyanovsk State University community.

Affiliated Hospitals and Practical Training: 

The university’s commitment to practical training is evident through its affiliation with 40 hospitals and polyclinics. These facilities provide students with invaluable hands-on experience, contributing to their comprehensive medical education and aligning with the practical approach upheld by Ulyanovsk State University.

Academic Faculty and Expertise: 

With a faculty boasting 1,500 members, including 600 doctors of medical science, 450 Ph.D. holders in medicine, and 250 professors, Ulyanovsk State Medical University ensures a rich pool of expertise. The faculty includes 200 associate professors, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to academic excellence within the broader Ulyanovsk State University community.

Success Stories and Alumni Impact: 

The university’s impact extends beyond its walls, having trained over 50,000 doctors and health professionals from various countries. Since its establishment, Ulyanovsk State Medical University has graduated over 3,000 successful doctors, with a current enrollment of more than 500 Indian students, contributing to the global alumni network of Ulyanovsk State University.

Global Collaborations and Recognitions: 

Ulyanovsk State Medical University has forged partnerships with universities worldwide, including those in the USA, Germany, India, and the UK. Its recognition by global medical bodies underscores its commitment to maintaining high educational standards, a principle shared across Ulyanovsk State University.

Adaptive Environment and Student Support: 

Situated in an adaptable and healthy environment, the university ensures a conducive atmosphere for students. The medical course includes training for the Medical Council of India’s screening test, preparing students for global medical practices and aligning with Ulyanovsk State University’s commitment to holistic student support.

Affordable Education and Well-Equipped Facilities: 

The university’s fee structure facilitates affordable medical education abroad. Well-equipped laboratories and advanced tools contribute to a comprehensive learning experience for students, aligning with Ulyanovsk State University’s commitment to modern and effective educational infrastructure.

Legacy of the Faculty of General Medicine: 

The Faculty of General Medicine, one of the oldest and most respected within the university, continues to uphold the institution’s commitment to excellence in medical education, reflecting the broader commitment within Ulyanovsk State University.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University stands as a beacon of medical education, seamlessly woven into the fabric of Ulyanovsk State University’s legacy.

Student Life @ Ulyanovsk State University, Russia

Academic Excellence and Ulyanovsk State University Facilities: 

Ulyanovsk State University stands as a beacon of academic brilliance, where international students revel in the high standards and exceptional educational facilities. This distinguished institution provides unique opportunities for practical learning, contributing significantly to the academic journey.

Value of Time and Disciplined Lifestyle at Ulyanovsk State University: 

Time is revered at Ulyanovsk State University, where students uphold discipline, punctuality, and a supportive community spirit. The commitment to timely completion of tasks and fostering a respectful social life defines the essence of student life within the walls of this esteemed university.

Welcoming New Students to Ulyanovsk State University: 

To embrace newcomers into the Ulyanovsk State University family, an annual ritual unfolds in the form of “The Fresher Day” at the onset of each academic session. This tradition ensures a heartfelt welcome for all new international students, setting the tone for their journey ahead.

Cultural and Sporting Extravaganzas at Ulyanovsk State University: 

Beyond academics, Ulyanovsk State University, in collaboration with New Era Educational Consultants, orchestrates vibrant celebrations of Indian festivals and a diverse array of sports activities—Cricket, Football, Badminton, Volleyball, and Table-Tennis. These events, hosted within the Ulyanovsk State University community, aim to enhance physical activity, skill development, and overall personality growth.

Abundant Learning Resources at the Ulyanovsk State University Library: 

The heart of knowledge beats in the Ulyanovsk State University library—a repository boasting an extensive collection of over 1,000,000 books, complemented by a cutting-edge Digital library system. Each student receives personalized access credentials, granting them round-the-clock entry to a wealth of information. The university library operates a meticulous book lending system, ensuring that Ulyanovsk State University students have the necessary resources for their academic pursuits.

Library at Ulyanovsk State University:

Students at Ulyanovsk State University enjoy the privilege of borrowing textbooks for a semester, eliminating the need for purchasing. However, strict rules prohibit marking, writing, or underlining on library books. To continue this symbiotic relationship with knowledge, students must return all borrowed books after completing semester exams.

Faculties - Ulyanovsk State University, Russia

A Multifaceted Approach to Medical Education within the Realm of Ulyanovsk State University

  1. Faculty of Obstetrics and Gynecology:

    • Specializing in the study and practice of women’s reproductive health, childbirth, and related medical disciplines at Ulyanovsk State Medical University, an integral part of Ulyanovsk State University.
  2. Faculty of Cardiology:

    • Focused on the comprehensive study of the heart, cardiovascular system, and related disorders within the academic framework of Ulyanovsk State University.
  3. Faculty of Medicine:

    • Providing a broad foundation in general medicine, covering various aspects of healthcare and medical sciences, under the umbrella of Ulyanovsk State University.
  4. Faculty of Nervous System Diseases:

    • Specializing in the diagnosis, treatment, and research of disorders related to the nervous system at Ulyanovsk State Medical University, a distinguished part of Ulyanovsk State University.
  5. Faculty of Physiology:

    • Exploring the functions and mechanisms of living organisms, emphasizing the physiological aspects of the human body, within the academic milieu of Ulyanovsk State University.
  6. Faculty of Pediatrics:

    • Concentrating on the healthcare of infants, children, and adolescents, covering both preventive and therapeutic aspects, integrated into Ulyanovsk State University’s educational landscape.
  7. Faculty of Psychiatry:

    • Addressing mental health, psychological disorders, and the application of psychiatric treatments within the holistic approach of Ulyanovsk State University.
  8. Faculty of Physiological Pathology:

    • Investigating the abnormalities in the functioning of organs and tissues, leading to pathological conditions, in alignment with Ulyanovsk State University’s commitment to academic excellence.
  9. Faculty of Traumatology and Orthopedics:

    • Specializing in the treatment of injuries, disorders, and diseases related to the musculoskeletal system within the comprehensive curriculum of Ulyanovsk State Medical University, under Ulyanovsk State University.
  10. Faculty of Surgery:

    • Covering a range of surgical disciplines, including general surgery, specialized surgeries, and surgical techniques, within the academic framework of Ulyanovsk State University.
  11. Faculty of Gastroenterology:

    • Focused on the study and treatment of diseases affecting the digestive system, contributing to the diverse medical education offered by Ulyanovsk State University.
  12. Faculty of Medicine Physiology:

    • Delving deeper into the physiological processes of the human body, enhancing the understanding of medical functions within the curriculum of Ulyanovsk State University.
  13. Faculty of Ear, Nose, and Throat:

    • Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the ear, nose, throat, and related structures, as part of Ulyanovsk State Medical University’s commitment to comprehensive medical education within Ulyanovsk State University.
  14. Faculty of Oncology:

    • Centered on the study and treatment of cancer, including its causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, in alignment with Ulyanovsk State University’s global medical collaborations.
  15. Faculty of Radio Diagnostics and Therapy:

    • Covering diagnostic imaging techniques and therapeutic applications involving radiation, contributing to Ulyanovsk State University’s emphasis on modern medical practices.
  16. Faculty of Exercise and Adapted Physical Training:

    • Focusing on the importance of physical activity and adapted training for overall health and well-being, within the holistic approach of Ulyanovsk State University.
  17. Faculty of Infectious Diseases:

    • Specializing in the study, prevention, and treatment of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, part of the global collaborations fostered by Ulyanovsk State University.
  18. Faculty of Internal Diseases:

    • Addressing a wide range of medical conditions affecting internal organs and systems, contributing to Ulyanovsk State University’s commitment to holistic healthcare.
  19. Faculty of Anatomical Pathology:

    • Concentrating on the study of the structural changes in cells, tissues, and organs related to diseases, within the broader academic framework of Ulyanovsk State University.
  20. Faculty of Dentistry:

    • Providing comprehensive education in dental sciences, oral health, and dental treatments, contributing to the diverse educational landscape of Ulyanovsk State University.
  21. Faculty of Pathobiology:

    • Exploring the biological basis of diseases, emphasizing the study of pathological processes, within the academic structure of Ulyanovsk State University.
  22. Faculty of History, Cytology, and Cell Biology:

    • Integrating historical perspectives with the study of cellular structures and functions, reflecting the multidisciplinary approach of Ulyanovsk State University.
  23. Faculty of Animal Pathology, Morphology, and Oncology:

    • Specializing in veterinary pathology, morphology, and the study of cancer in animals, contributing to the broader spectrum of education at Ulyanovsk State Medical University, an integral part of Ulyanovsk State University.

Each faculty at Ulyanovsk State Medical University contributes to a holistic approach to medical education, ensuring students receive in-depth knowledge and practical skills in their chosen specialties, within the integrated academic environment of Ulyanovsk State University.


Syllabus - Ulyanovsk State University, Russia

1st Year 
Semester 1Anatomy
Semester 2Anatomy & Histology
2nd Year 
Semester 3Histology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology
Semester 4Biochemistry, Microbiology, Physiology
3rd Year 
Semester 5Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathophysiology
Semester 6Pathology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Genetics and Principles of Clinical Medicine
4th-6th Year 
Semester 7-12General Surgery, Primary Care Medicine, Oncology, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Cardiology, ENT, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry, Psychology, Emergency Medicine


Eligibility For MBBS at Ulyanovsk State University, Russia

Eligibility criteria for MBBS admission at Ulyanovsk State University adhere to the guidelines set by the National Medical Commission (NMC) for Indian students. The requirements are outlined below:

Academic Performance:

  • General category students should have a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) in their 12th/Intermediate/Equivalent examination. Reserved category candidates must have a minimum of 40% marks in the same.

NEET Qualification:

  • Prospective students must have qualified in the NEET exam in the current year or in any of the previous two years.

Age Requirement:

  • Applicants must be at least 17 years old by the 31st of December in the year of application to meet the MBBS eligibility .

Hostel Facilities at Ulyanovsk State University, Russia

Hostel Accommodation:

  • Four hostels accommodate both international and native students.
  • Promotes self-dependence, intelligence, and discipline.
  • Provides an opportunity to lead an independent and responsible life.
  • Contributes significantly to the personality development of students.

Diverse Community Living:

  • Students of different habits and tastes coexist, fostering better understanding among themselves.

Hostel Management:

  • Hostels are overseen by wardens who guide and ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

Facilities for Academic and Physical Development:

  • Each hostel has a reading hall for studying.
  • Comprehensive facilities for physical training, including a gymnasium and fitness hall.
  • A conducive environment for the holistic development of the mind and body.

Self-Cooking Facilities:

  • Each floor is equipped with a kitchen, allowing students to prepare their own food.
  • Proximity to markets and banks for convenience.

Well-Furnished Rooms:

  • Hostel rooms are well-furnished with beds, cupboards, and essential amenities.

Convenient Location:

  • Hostels are strategically located near the university.
  • Bus and tram stops are conveniently accessible.

Admission procedure For MBBS at Ulyanovsk State University, Russia

Step 1: Initial Counseling

  • Visit our office or call for free counseling on pursuing medical studies in Russia.
  • Experienced counselors provide information on universities, tuition fees, eligibility, admission process, and services.

Step 2: Submission of Application

  • Submit a completed admission form with scanned copies of 10th and 12th-grade mark sheets, NEET results, and either a passport or Aadhar card.

Step 3: Payment of Application Fee

  • Pay the application fee through online transfer or demand draft/cheque to RICH GLOBAL EDU.

Step 4: University Admission

  • The application is forwarded to the relevant university.
  • The university issues an admission letter within seven days, confirming the reservation of the student’s seat.

Step 5: payment of 1st year Tuition Fees

  • The Admission Fees & First year fees is paid directly to the college.

Step 6: payment of Visa Processing & Documentation Charges

  • The Documentation & Visa processing charges are paid to RICH GLOBAL EDU, upon completion of which the initiation of invitation letter will be done. 

Step 7: Invitation Letter

  • Initiate the process of obtaining an Invitation Letter.
  • Provide the original passport.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation issues the Invitation Letter (takes around one month).

Step 8: Visa Application

  • Apply for a student visa at the Russian embassy (10-15 days processing time).
  • Upon visa approval, the student is informed about the travel date.

Step 9: Payment of Consultancy Service Charges

  • Payment of consultancy service charges will be done to RICH GLOBAL EDU, upon completion of which the ticketing process will be done. 

Step 10: Purchase of Air Ticket

  • RICH GLOBAL EDU will assist in getting the air ticket at the best price and on the right date. 

Step 11: Document Safety

  • Collect necessary documents for presentation at the university office upon arrival.
  • Printouts of admission-related documents and a digital copy stored in email for easy access.

Step 12: Airport Reception and Briefing

  • A representative meets the students at the airport in Chennai / Delhi, briefs them about their trip to Russia.

Step 13: Arrival and Enrollment

  • Our team receives students at the airport and escorts them to the university hostel.
  • Continuous assistance is assured throughout the admission process on foreign soil.

Documents Required:

To ensure a smooth MBBS admission process at Ulyanovsk State University, Indian students are required to submit the following documents. Please note that all documents must be translated into Russian and duly certified at a consular department of the embassy (This will be taken care by RICH GLOBAL EDU)

Educational Documents:

  • Class 10th pass certificate and mark sheet.
  • Class 12th pass certificate and mark sheet

NEET Exam Related:

  • NEET scorecard.

Identification and Travel Documents:

  • Copy of international passport.
  • Original Passport.


  • Passport-size photographs.

Health and Safety Documents:

  • Health fitness certificate, including information on vaccinations.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.
  • HIV Report.
  • COVID-19 Report.

Ensuring that these documents are properly translated and certified is crucial for a successful application process.

Fees for MBBS at Ulyanovsk State University, Russia

Cost Structure for Ulyanovsk State Medical University: A Breakdown Over the Six Years

  1. Year 1:

    • Tuition Fees: 3,00,000 Rubles
    • Hostel Fees: 50,000 Rubles
    • Health Insurance: 7,500 Rubles
    • Total: 3,57,500 Rubles
  2. Year 2:

    • Tuition Fees: 3,00,000 Rubles
    • Hostel Fees: 50,000 Rubles
    • Health Insurance: 7,500 Rubles
    • Total: 3,57,500 Rubles
  3. Year 3:

    • Tuition Fees: 3,00,000 Rubles
    • Hostel Fees: 50,000 Rubles
    • Health Insurance: 7,500 Rubles
    • Total: 3,57,500 Rubles
  4. Year 4:

    • Tuition Fees: 3,00,000 Rubles
    • Hostel Fees: 50,000 Rubles
    • Health Insurance: 7,500 Rubles
    • Total: 3,57,500 Rubles
  5. Year 5:

    • Tuition Fees: 3,00,000 Rubles
    • Hostel Fees: 50,000 Rubles
    • Health Insurance: 7,500 Rubles
    • Total: 3,57,500 Rubles
  6. Year 6:

    • Tuition Fees: 3,00,000 Rubles
    • Hostel Fees: 50,000 Rubles
    • Health Insurance: 7,500 Rubles
    • Total: 3,57,500 Rubles
Grand Total for 6 Years: 21,45,000 Rubles

These figures represent the annual costs, including tuition fees, hostel accommodation, and health insurance. Notably, any one-time charges have been excluded for simplicity and ease of understanding.

*Food/Indian Mess Cost = 100 to 120 USD Per Month


Additional Expenses only in 1st year

Expense Component Cost (INR)
Application Fees INR 10,000

Documentation & Visa Processing Charges

This includes:

  • Invitation Letter
  • Admission Letter
  • Entrance examination
  • Document Translation
  • University Contract Fee
  • Legalization of Documents from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in India
  • Visa Processing Charges
  • Visa From India & Emigration Clearance
  • Airport Pickup
  • Notary Attestation
  • Equivalency Certificate
  • Immigration Registration
INR 1,00,000
Consultancy Charges INR 50,000
Air Ticket INR 30,000 – INR 40,000
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