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Leverage on RICH GLOBAL EDU's 1,00,000 minutes of student counselling experience.

Let us guide you to the best educational destinations tailored to your preferences & aspirations.

Factors to consider while choosing the Country/University for MBBS Abroad.

We will help you to choose a Medical University Abroad based on all possible factors. 

  • Budget,
  • University ranking,
  • Tenure of course,
  • Number of Indian students,
  • FMGE pass percentage,
  • Location/Accessibility/Climate preferences,
  • Availability of Indian food
  • Infrastructure,
  • Global recognition &
  • Most important, safety. 

Choosing a country/university to study MBBS Abroad requires immense research. With over a decade of experience, we help you effortlessly navigate the process of choosing the right country & university based on your needs.

Country wise FMGE Pass Percentage


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Shortlisting Countries for Abroad MBBS Based on No: of Indian Students

Russia - 25,000 Students
China - 23,000 Students
Bangladesh - 9,300 Students
Kyrgyzstan - 8,000 Students
Kazakhstan - 8,000 Students
Georgia - 8,000 Students
Armenia - 2,000 Students
Belarus - 1,000 Students

Shortlisting Countries Based on Presence of Old Universities

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Most Preferred Universities by Indian Students for Studying MBBS Abroad.

 RICH GLOBAL EDU will take in your preferences and at the same time provide the most suitable options based on your needs. 

Top 5 Countries Preferred by Indian Students!


Medical Universities as old as 1758

More than 20,000+ Indian Students


FMGE pass percentage: 25%

Tution Fees: 18 to 30 L



Lowest Fees Structure

FMGE pass percentage: 18.4%

Located near India (3-4 hours flight journey)

Tuition Fees: 20 L


100 Years Old Medical Universities

More than 10,000 Indian students pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan


FMGE pass percentage: 24 to 30%

Tution Fees: 28 to 35 L


Syllabus similar to India

High FMGE pass percentage: 30%

Located near India

Climate similar to India, thus similar disease pattern


Best choice to study in Europe

FMGE pass percentage: 30%


Georgia is ranked 85th on the Global Peace Index, whereas India is ranked 141st

Tution Fees: 25 to 45 L

Understanding NMC Rules for Selection of Right University

Meaning of NMC Recognition

In the context of selecting the right university for medical studies abroad, the term “NMC-recognized” refers to universities meeting the standards set by the National Medical Commission (NMC) of India. While the Medical Council of India (MCI) previously maintained a list of recognized medical universities for MBBS abroad, the responsibility has now shifted to the NMC.

Clarification on NMC Recognition

Despite the absence of a specific list, the NMC’s Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate Regulations 2021, introduced in November 2021, define the criteria for recognizing degrees from foreign medical universities. Any university that adheres to the regulations outlined in the FMGL Regulations 2021 will be acknowledged by the NMC, enabling graduates to appear for the National Exit Test (NEXT) in India.

Key Consideration for Applicants

Before finalizing plans to study medicine abroad, it is crucial to thoroughly review and ensure that the chosen university complies with the FMGL Regulations 2021. (1.) Foreign Medical Degree with minimum duration of 54 months. (2) Must have undergone an internship of twelve months in addition to the course, in the same foreign institution. (3) Received a foreign medical degree with entire course in English. (4) FMGs need to be registered with the respective professional regulatory body or otherwise, competent to grant license to practise medicine in their respective jurisdiction of the country in which the medical degree is awarded. (5) The entire course, training and internship or clerkship shall be done outside India in the same foreign medical institution throughout the course of study and no part of medical training and internship shall be done in India or in any country other than country from where the primary medical qualification is obtained. (6) The total duration of the foreign medical graduation course shall be completed within ten years from the date of joining the course.

Guidance and Support

Should any uncertainties arise regarding whether a particular college, university, or country aligns with the FMGL Regulations 2021...

Budget Wise Selection of Countries

Low Budget Countries To Study MBBS Abroad


Kow More about MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Uzbekistan


Know more about MBBS in Uzbekistan


Know more about MBBSin Kazakhstan

Ukraine is also a Low Budget Option, but due to unfavorable conditions we don't opt Ukraine now.

Philippines a Low Budget Option, is totally ruled out due to latest NMC Rules.

Medium Budget Countries To Study MBBS Abroad


Know more about MBBS in Russia


Know more about MBBS in Georgia


Know more about MBBS in Bangladesh

Nepal & China are also among the Medium Budget Countries to choose from

High Budget Countries To Study MBBS Abroad


Know more about MBBS in Malaysia

Carribbean Islands

Know more about MBBS in Carribean Islands


Know more about MBBS in UK

The Step-by-step guide to Study MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Get in Touch With Our Abroad MBBS Advisory

With over 18+ years of expertise in psychologically understanding the needs and aspirations of students & parents,  RICH GLOBAL EDU will pave the way to select the perfect destination for your abroad MBBS studies. 

Initial Assessment and Needs Analysis

Our Abroad MBBS advisory service will conduct an in-depth assessment of your academic background, financial capabilities, and personal preferences. This analysis will help them identify suitable countries and universities that align with your unique needs.

Personalized Counselling Sessions

You can expect to engage in personalized counseling sessions with experienced advisors who will provide detailed information about various MBBS programs, including the curriculum, faculty, facilities, and overall student experience. They will also address any concerns or queries you may have regarding studying abroad.

Comparative Analysis and Recommendations

Based on the information gathered during the counseling sessions, the advisory service will present you with a carefully curated list of countries and universities that best match your requirements, including your financial considerations.

Finalizing the Decision

With the guidance and expertise provided by our experienced advisory service, you will be equipped to make an informed decision on the country and university that best suits your needs and preferences for pursuing your MBBS abroad.

Applying to the respective university

Rich Global Edu will apply to the respective university in co-ordination with the candidate. The required documents will be submitted to the university.

Obtaining the Admission Letter from the university & Payment of 1st year fees

Followed by the admission letter, the candidate must pay the first year fees to the respective university. Rich global Edu will guide you on the payment processes. 

Obtaining Visa Invitation Letter from the University

Upon successful payment of the fees and submission of all required documents, the university will provide the Visa Invitation Letter for processing the Visa. 

Visa Processing & Documentations by Rich Global Edu.
Ticket Booking Guidance by Rich Global Edu
Prepare Your Luggage

As you near your journey, Rich Global Edu, will help you create a checklist of essential items to pack, including clothing, personal items, educational materials, and any prescribed medications. We will Familiarize you on the climate and culture of your study destination to pack appropriately.

Board Your Flight

Finally, embark on your journey to study MBBS abroad.

Arrival at your destination

Rich Global Edu will provide pickup services from Airport to University and will guide you to settle in your hostel. 

Finally we will wish you All The Best for your Medical Career & Future.

Future Medical Practitioners, are you ready to embark on this Global Education Journey with us?


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