Impuls Medical Institute, Uzbekistan

Why Choose Impuls Medical Institute?

The institute makes it very easy for Indian Students to Clear NExT

The institute integrates United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) study pattern, thus making it very easy for Indian Students to Clear NExT.

All - Round opportunity to Work & Settle in US, Gulf Countries*, Uzbekistan and India

Impuls Medical Institute_MBBS in Uzbekistan
MBBS in Uzbekistan_Impuls Medical College_Best College for Indian Students

Complete USMLE Support

Every candidate receives support to clear USMLE. Once the step 1 of USMLE is cleared, the college bears the expenses for the student to clear step 2 of USMLE, including travel, food and accommodation of the student when they leave to the test centers.

Scholarship on Tution Fee

Students who clear Step 1 of USMLE will be given 100% scholarship on the 4th year Tution Fee. 

A Perfect Gateway to Those Looking to Work in any part of the world.

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