“Kyrgyz National University: Pioneering Medical Education Partnership with LN University, India”


“Kyrgyz National University: Pioneering Medical Education Partnership with LN University, India


The Kyrgyz National University, named after Jusup Balasagyn, holds a significant position in Kyrgyzstan’s higher education landscape, being one of the oldest and largest institutions in the country. Established in 1925 as the Kyrgyz Institute of Education, it has since grown to accommodate a diverse range of academic disciplines and programs.

One notable development is the establishment of its Faculty of Medicine in collaboration with LN University, India, and LN Medical College. This initiative marks a milestone in Central Asia’s educational landscape, making Kyrgyz National University the first in the region to host a Faculty of Medicine campus in partnership with an Indian University. This partnership not only enhances the university’s academic offerings but also facilitates cultural and educational exchange between the two nations.

The university’s commitment to academic excellence is evident in its faculty-student ratio and the qualifications of its teaching staff. With a substantial number of full-time instructors holding scientific degrees, and a significant portion also possessing advanced degrees, the institution ensures high-quality education and support for its students.

Furthermore, Kyrgyz National University offers MBBS courses at affordable tuition fees, making quality medical education accessible to a wide range of students. The provision of essential amenities such as housing, sports facilities, and administrative services underscores the university’s dedication to providing a conducive learning environment.

An important aspect contributing to the university’s accessibility and inclusivity is its adoption of English as the medium of instruction. This decision promotes a comfortable learning environment for students from diverse linguistic backgrounds, facilitating their academic success and fostering international collaboration and understanding.

Overall, the Kyrgyz National University stands as a beacon of educational excellence and innovation in Kyrgyzstan, offering students both local and international opportunities for academic and personal growth.


  1. 1925: Institute of Education established to address the need for pedagogical training in the Kirghiz Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic.
  2. 1928: Renamed Kirghiz Central Pedagogical Technical School, expanding its scope and facilities.
  3. 1932: Transformed into the Kyrgyz State Pedagogical Institute, named after Mikhail Frunze, with multiple faculties offering diverse disciplines.
  4. 1939: Establishment of the Kyrgyz Medical Academy, further diversifying the institution’s academic offerings.
  5. 1951: Transformed into the Kyrgyz State University, incorporating additional faculties such as philology, biology, physics, mathematics, history, geology, and geodesy.
  6. 1972: Renamed Kyrgyz State University on the 50th anniversary of the USSR, reflecting its continued growth and prominence.
  7. 1982: Recognized with the Soviet Union’s Order of the Red Banner of Labor, honoring its contributions to education and society.
  8. 1993: Transformed into Kyrgyz State National University (KGNU), reflecting its national importance and status.
  9. 2002: Renamed after Yusuf Balasaghuni, a significant figure in Kyrgyz literature and culture, further solidifying its identity and legacy.

Here are the frequently asked questions about Kyrgyzstan National University (KNU) along with their answers:

Can I practice in India after completing my Medical Degree from Kyrgyzstan National University?

  1. Yes, you can practice in India. To be eligible, you need to pass the NEET exam during admission, follow KNU’s course regulations, clear the NEXT exam after returning to India, and complete a one-year internship as prescribed by NMC.

Can I get a job in Government Hospitals or apply to Medical Institutions in India after completing my Medical degree from Kyrgyzstan National University?

  1. Yes, you can. Upon completing your degree, you’ll be eligible to pursue job opportunities in government hospitals and apply to medical institutions across India, provided you meet the necessary requirements.

What kind of food will I get at Kyrgyzstan National University?

  1. Indian mess is available on campus and in hostels, catering to students from all parts of India. Additionally, there are middle eastern local cuisines and canteens near the campus.

Does the tuition fee include the hostel fee at Kyrgyzstan National University?

  1. No, hostel fees have to be paid separately.

Can I get a Bank Loan to study at Kyrgyzstan National University?

  1. Yes, you can apply for a bank loan. The amount you receive will depend on the bank’s rules and your profile.

Is Kyrgyzstan National University listed in the World Health Organization (WHO) Directory?

  1. Yes, Kyrgyzstan National University is listed on the WHO website and WDOMS. To know more visit: .

To join Kyrgyzstan National University, how do I apply for a VISA and what documents would I need?

  1. The visa process begins with the post-admission letter. You need to submit your 12th marks, passport, and eligibility docs for the invitation. The university will process your visa upon receiving the invitation.

Can my parents visit me at Kyrgyzstan National University? Can I travel during my holidays or stay back abroad?

  1. Yes, parents can visit anytime. Kyrgyz tourist e-visa is easy to receive. Students can travel during holidays or stay abroad if desired.

Does Yenepoya International Education provide hostel facilities? Or do we have to stay outside?

  1. Yes, Yenepoya offers hostel facilities for both boys and girls separately at KNU.

Are there any local bodies that can provide more info about Yenepoya International MBBS Education at Kyrgyzstan National University?

  1. Yes, you can call +919043033360 for support.

Do I get Vegetarian food at Kyrgyzstan National University?

  1. Yes, vegetarian food is prepared and served separately at Kyrgyzstan National University.

After completing my MBBS from Kyrgyzstan, can I do my internship in my country?

  1. Yes, but it depends on the eligibility criteria of your country.

How can students pay the tuition fees and other fees for Yenepoya MBBS Abroad at Kyrgyzstan National University?

  1. Students can easily pay via online bank transfer to the provided account in your admission letter. Alternatively, they can use forex partners for fee transfers.

Is there any special provision for International students to solve their personal problems or queries at KNU?

  1. Yes, the university offers an on-campus International Support Team along with a team in India dedicated to assisting students with any concerns. Feel free to reach out via email or contact them at your convenience.


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