MBBS in Kyrgyzstan – Disadvantages/Challenges

Let’s explore some challenges you might face if you choose to study medicine in Kyrgyzstan. It’s like a journey with bumps on the road, but there are still good things to consider.

1. Learning Hurdles: Not All Schools Shine

Going to Kyrgyzstan for MBBS might save money, but it comes with a twist. The quality of education in many universities is just okay. Since the fees are low, it’s like finding a balance between what you pay and what you get. The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy in Bishkek is suggested as a better choice among the options.

2. Weather Woes: Cold Times Ahead

Kyrgyzstan’s weather is quite chilly, especially for about three months each year. Imagine temperatures falling below zero! It snows a lot from December to February. Some students find it hard to get used to this cold weather, so it’s something to think about.

3. Exam Challenges: A Test to Pass

As per NMC norms 2021, there is a licensing exam that has to be cleared in Kyrgyzstan inorder to appear for FMGE in India. The passing percentage of FMGE in most of the colleges in Kyrgyzstan, has been around 18.4%. It’s a bit lower compared to other countries like Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia, the Philippines, and Bangladesh. So, getting ready for this test is like preparing for a big challenge.

4. Crowded Campuses: Finding Space

Some universities in Kyrgyzstan are taking in lots of students, making things a bit crowded. It’s like fitting too many people into one place. This can lead to issues in hostels and mess facilities, affecting how comfortable you feel.

5. Budget Blues: Choices Matter

While Kyrgyzstan is affordable, there’s a catch. The budget for some universities can reach around ₹23-25 lakh. Surprisingly, this is almost the same as studying in Ukraine or Russia. Many students might not know this and end up not choosing the best option. It’s like having different choices but not being aware of them.

6. Dealing with Agents: Picking Wisely

Choosing the right people to guide you is crucial. Some agents might not give the right information about fees and costs. It’s like making sure you have a trustworthy map for your journey. Global Medical Foundation is recommended for the best guidance.

What’s Next? Even with these challenges, Kyrgyzstan is still a top destination for studying medicine. It’s like having a low-budget adventure. You can finish your studies within ₹18-20 lakh, covering tuition, hostel, mess, and admission charges. Kyrgyzstan offers some of the most affordable options for aspiring doctors.

The top universities to consider are the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, ISM, and the Asian Medical Institute.

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