IS MBBS Abroad Worth it?: What is Abroad MBBS Value in India?

       IS MBBS Abroad Worth it?: What is Abroad MBBS Value in India?

Determining whether pursuing an MBBS degree abroad or in India is worth it depends on various factors and individual preferences:

  1. Quality of Education: While some MBBS colleges abroad may be QS-ranked and offer high-quality medical education, several prestigious medical institutions in India also provide excellent education and training. The quality of education can vary among institutions, both in India and abroad, so it’s essential to research and choose a reputable and accredited institution.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: Pursuing MBBS abroad may offer cost-effective options, especially in terms of tuition fees and living expenses, compared to some institutions in developed countries. However, the cost-effectiveness of studying abroad depends on various factors, including the country of study, currency exchange rates, and potential scholarship opportunities. It’s crucial to consider the overall expenses and financial implications before making a decision.
  3. Recognition and Licensing: Graduates of MBBS programs abroad may need to pass licensing exams and meet additional requirements to practice medicine in India or other countries. Similarly, graduates of Indian medical colleges must fulfill licensing requirements to practice abroad. It’s essential to consider the recognition of the degree and licensing processes in both the home country and potential practice locations.
  4. Cultural and Professional Exposure: Studying MBBS abroad provides exposure to different cultures, languages, and medical practices, which can be valuable for personal and professional growth. On the other hand, studying in India offers opportunities to understand the local healthcare system and community needs, which can be advantageous for practicing medicine in the country.

Ultimately, whether MBBS abroad holds more value than studying in India depends on individual preferences, career goals, financial considerations, and other factors. It’s crucial for students to thoroughly research and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option before making an informed decision. Consulting with educational advisors, healthcare professionals, and alumni can also provide valuable insights into choosing the right path for pursuing an MBBS degree.


The situation you’ve described underscores the challenges faced by medical aspirants in India due to the limited number of MBBS seats available compared to the high number of applicants. This scarcity of seats has led many students to pursue MBBS studies abroad, where they perceive better opportunities for admission and fulfillment of their ambitions.

However, there are various factors that influence Indian medical students’ perceptions of studying MBBS abroad compared to studying in India. While some students may view foreign MBBS degrees positively due to perceived advantages such as easier admission processes and exposure to global medical practices, others may be wary of potential challenges, such as the need to pass additional licensing exams and uncertainties regarding degree recognition in India.

The introduction of the National Exit Test (NEXT) in 2022 further emphasizes the changing landscape of medical education and licensure in India. This comprehensive licensure and PG entrance test will impact both Indian medical students and foreign medical graduates, ensuring standardized evaluation and competency assessment for medical professionals across the country.

Overall, the decision to pursue MBBS studies abroad or in India depends on individual preferences, career aspirations, and considerations of factors such as quality of education, recognition of degrees, and licensing requirements. It’s essential for students to thoroughly research their options and weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making an informed decision about their medical education.


  • More Medical Seats: The limited number of MBBS seats in India compared to the high number of aspirants leads many students to pursue medical education abroad. Abroad, there is a higher availability of seats, and students can apply to multiple universities based on their eligibility criteria. Indian students often receive priority for MBBS admissions abroad.
  • Affordable Fees: MBBS course fees abroad are often more affordable compared to private medical colleges in India. This affordability is a significant relief for middle-class families who may find it challenging to afford the high fees charged by Indian private medical colleges.
  • Career Opportunities: Upon completing MBBS studies abroad, students have access to various job opportunities as medical officers in both private and government sectors. Salaries abroad are often more competitive compared to those in India, and Indian students can also practice as medical officers by fulfilling the necessary formalities.
  • Expertise Exposure: Studying abroad allows students to learn from professionals who adhere to the best professional standards in the country. These experts provide practical knowledge tailored to prepare students for real-world challenges, enhancing their skills and industry readiness.
  • Teaching Methodology: The teaching style and syllabus abroad are often well-designed, incorporating both theoretical and practical classes. This approach equips students with the necessary skills to excel in their assignments and future medical practice.
  • Educational Consultancies: Educational consultancies in India, such as those in Patna, facilitate the process of studying MBBS abroad. These consultancies have experienced teams that coordinate with medical colleges, providing support from admission to completion of MBBS studies. However, it’s crucial to choose genuine and experienced consultants to avoid fraudulent practices.

Overall, the combination of increased availability of seats, affordability, career opportunities, exposure to expertise, and well-structured teaching methodologies makes studying MBBS abroad a worthwhile choice for many Indian medical students

In summary, the combination of easier access to clinical seats, affordability, diverse career opportunities, expert guidance, and effective teaching methodologies makes studying MBBS abroad a highly beneficial option for Indian students.


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