Those who wish to study MBBS Abroad are left with only 3 years or 6 attempts to clear FMGE/NEXT: Understanding NMC Guidelines for Foreign Medical Graduates.

Medical students aiming to practise in India after completion of MBBS/MD abroad are facing new rules from the National Medical Commission (NMC) regarding the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE). Now, candidates can only attempt the FMGE six times within three years. This change, along with a requirement to finish their internship within 10 years of joining a foreign medical institution, is causing uncertainty among students.

The goal of these changes is to ensure that doctors practising in India meet international standards. However, the transition to a new exam called the National Exit Test (NExT) by 2025 adds to the confusion. Details about this new exam are unclear, leaving students anxious about what to expect.

The new rules also tighten eligibility criteria, making it necessary to complete the internship within a specific timeframe. Meeting the pass criteria of scoring at least 50% in the FMGE exam is also challenging, with even a slight shortfall leading to disqualification and the need for a retake.

However there are wise options when considering MBBS Abroad. Choosing the right country plays a major role. To choose the right country that aligns with the NMC norms call Rich Global Edu at 9043033360.


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